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I am so done with this place. They charge what THEY want on your account, even though I have a set schedueld payment. They are a total ripoff, and after being a loyal customer for over a year they should probably not start screwing me over. That's NOT how you keep bussnes. After this loan, I WON'T be using their services anymore. I don't want them to contact me because Ive alrwady spoken with cooperate, and no luck (a smartass immature girl is... Read more

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Just went to get a payday loan thru these guys. All i can say is they are a total waste and a scam. They give you large amounts online only to offer very very very very low loans. We were told 986 online and after waiting over an hour and half in store(don't trust the bring in bank statement check stub thing because they make you wait to "verify" your account)for them to verify information to only be offered 160. Nothing changed from online... Read more

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Horrible company. They refuse to go electronic like every other loan company so you miss payments and are never able to get caught up. They are such a scam. Add comment

I referred my nephew to the Cash Store in Waco, Texas by I-35 . I have asked them for my100 dollar referral fee and they have gove me the run around for almost 2 years and I continue to ask. The last time I asked for my money they played crazy and gave me a 1-800 number to no one. If they do not honor the agreement I will be forced to sue for false advertisement. Add comment

This company is ripping people off so bad. They should be ashamed the way they do business. I received a Loan from them back in January 2015, that was my first mistake. The amount was $1070.00 and I knew it was 100% interest. Hard times then so I thought I could do this. DO NOT GO IN THAT STORE...AS of today April 2016 I have paid them back $3264.02, because the payment was to high first off, and every time you refinance its another 6 months of... Read more

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I got a loan through these @** holes. I paid it off and like a week later they called me saying i still owed like $600. How can they tell me i paid it off if they are nowing saying i owe over $600. Add comment

After careful consideration, and limited choices in my neighborhood, I decided to tuck my tail, do the unthinkable and actually apply... Cluster from the get go The website specifically asks for 4pcs of info: Recent checkstub Recent bank statement Debit card OR blank check from said bank Drivers License I entered the store with all of these in my possession Nope, gotta have a check ( not- or debit card) has to be a check Hey Einstein behind the... Read more

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Hello people Honestly I know cashstore is a business like any business around to make gains or maximize profit but earnestly tbadheirs interest is simply outrageous. How could pay over $800 for just $300 loan, ridiculous right? That's how bad they are taking an advantage of people with financial plight. Folks whatever job you do try put away just $30 every 2wks or a bit more depending on how much you earn and can help you in times of need.... Read more

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DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR BUSINESS. THEIR FINANCE CHARGES ARE thru the roof. THIS IS COMING FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS USED PAYDAY LOANS AND ONLY PAID A FLAT FEE OF $200 or so . The cash store charges you hundreds over the price of your loan. For example, i took out a $500 loan in oct 2015 and entered into a repayment plan. Well i still owe over $500 and its 4months later and pay $133 every two weeks you do the math. They will not be receiving my business... Read more

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This place is a joke and needs to be shut down. Why cant the police do something and charge them with FRAUD!!! 2013.. It was Christmas and needed cash.. I took a loan $300 (from the *** cash store) Paid it in full the next week... and never went back. They said they never got the payment..BS... I advoided all calls, cause I wasent going to pay anything more .....and I should of went to the bank and did a stop payment. But it was to late. They... Read more

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