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I made the worst mistake taking out a titles pawn with these idiots. No one there tells you the same thing. They are all idiots they charge you too much interest and your payment does not ever go down. All you do is pay interest and more interest. Add comment

This company shouldn't exist at all, when you get the loan and make your payments your actually paying the 555% interest and not the loan, on top of all of that they put my first payment the same day my rent was due after I told them could the first payment fall on another day but kept telling me no, so now I have to work and go home with nothing to eat until my next payday. Add comment

  • Jun 19
  • Loans and Mortgages
  • West Odessa, Texas
  • Loan
  • 116

I took out a loan of 1000$ and made the first 4 payments on time with no problem. The one time they draft it from my bank because I didn't get in on time to make my payment there was an issue so the payment didn't go thru. I found out and tried going in and making the payment, but was told the only way to fix the problem was to refinance the loan and start over as if I have never made a payment.... Read more

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  • Jun 10
  • Cash Services
  • Wheaton, Illinois
  • Cash Services
  • 118

Worst mistake of my whole life. They give u the money and because I missed my payment due to the banks issue the following week they took out half of what I owed on the loan and the. When I had a issue ignore me and treated me like a ***. Even calling corporate customer service is a joke they treat you worse then in the store and make u feel like they are doing you a favor treating you like ***!!! Read more

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The cash store in Blackfoot, Idaho have very rude, ignorant, young girls for employees. If I go in there to ask for help. I expect them to be helpful. Not sit there and roll their eyes and then look at each other and roll their eyes AGAIN! They are disrespectful and I don't know how you could have hired someone with rude personalities! I will be taking my business else where. Thanks for nothing! Add comment

The WORST mistake of my life! I've paid back more than 3X the amount I've borrowed& left with 2 more payment almost totalling the amount borrowed in the beginning. I got in a financial bind & cant make the payment. Stopped payment on my account & they harass me to death EVERY day, at least 7 or 8 calls daily!! **** them! Add comment

Do u need a active checking account or just that u have one but i Add comment

  • May 03
  • Cash Services
  • Kyle, Texas
  • Loan Rates
  • 117

Their rates are too high. I borrowed 600..and has to pay 2000back.. Read more

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The Cash Store trains the employees to be fake in order to gain business. Add comment

Jeremy 888-240-2912 x 1026 was very empathic, rude, and told me he did not have to have any customer service skills. He yelled at me and was very sarcastic. He told me it was not his job to listen. This is worst customer service I have ever experienced in my entire life. Add comment

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