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Do not use the cash store.I called and spoke to an employee, which was about a 15 minute call.

When I showed up to complete the application process, I was informed I needed information she didn't ask for me to bring when we spoke on the phone. Then, I got not one but 2 courtesy calls regarding my payment....ok fine. On the second call, I am informed that my payment MUST be made in either cash, cashier's check or money order form. Mind you, the loan was taken out nearly 30 days ago and NOTHING in the paperwork showed that particular requirement.

If it had, I would NOT Have borrowed the money. I'd have managed another way.

Now, because my payday falls 3 days after the payment due date, I have to worry about whether my collateral will be repossessed.Stay away from this type place, you'll lose your shorts.

Review about: The Cash Store Loan.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Don't blame the compnay when you people don't read the fine print. ITS AMERICA YOU DUMBASSES of course they're going to try and *** with fine print.

Rochester, Illinois, United States #651600

This place is a rip off.To both its customers and employees.

I myself don't use places like this but know people who do and know people that work there.

Upper management have a high and mighty arrogant attitude.It is disgusting and unprofessional


If you want help paying off your cash advance with them. Refer your friends. They will send you 100 dollars for every one you refer to the cash store.


If you want help paying off your cash advance with them. Refer your friends. They will send you 100 dollars for every one you refer to the cash store.


The Cash Store is a scam and has been invetigated on a regular basis by many local consumer protection agencies around the nation.For example, they were recently order to payback funds to their customers because they charged far beyond their legal limit.

They are guilty of charging much more than the legal limit of $23 per $100, the company has also been ordered to pay a $25,000 administrative penalty as well as costs incurred by the Consumer Protection agency that filed the complaint against them.Please stay away from these crooks!

to Leon #1073514

They actually are NOT investigated regularly.Everything done at the cash store is state regulated and the state audits every 6 months to a year.

'Merica, land of the VICTIMS.Perhaps customers should read a contract before they sign.....


I just called two different Cash Store locations here in Houston to inquire about the possibility of an installment loan.The reason I called the second store was because of the rudeness of the employee at the first store I called.

However, the employee of the second store was worst than the employee of the first store. Be that as it may, I have decided to not do busness with the Cash Store at all if this is how they train their employees.

I guess they see their customers as scumbags or something.Don't borrow anything from them or you'll be sorry.


I recently took out a loan at the cash store and to my surprise they didn’t help me but cause me more problems.They charged me 611.73%.

This caused me to not be able to make the payments. I called several times to speak to customer service and managed to get a regional manager. Who lied to me when he told me, the auto draft that was taken out of my account without my authorization would be returned. All they could say was...sorry you were missed informed and they would not be returning the money back to my account.

This has been the worst experience and I do not recommend it to anyone.I wish I would have never done it.


I took out a $400 5 months ago and have been paying 100 biweekly and I still owe $325.. SCREW THE CASH STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM THAT STORE THEY ONLY SCREW U OVER

to Bitniii #603569

if you borrowed 400 dollars 454 would have paid it off in full, don't borrow more than you can pay back, flat out.

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