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I am so done with this place. They charge what THEY want on your account, even though I have a set schedueld payment.

They are a total ripoff, and after being a loyal customer for over a year they should probably not start screwing me over. That's NOT how you keep bussnes. After this loan, I WON'T be using their services anymore. I don't want them to contact me because Ive alrwady spoken with cooperate, and no luck (a smartass immature girl is who I spoke with).

And they are always blowing my phone up for a "confirmation" of payment, Im done with them period end of story.

(they have called on 4 diffrent numbers) even though they have my bank information, and I've never missed a payment. This time they waited 4days after my schedueld payment.This place is a total joke, no wounder there is a different person everytime I go in the place, its a *** company who can't even keep their employee's happy.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Cash Store Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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The CASH store has excellent customer service. I do not agree with the extremely high interest placed on their loans.

The payments are set up to come out every pay period or you can pay in person. I advise you to pay in person to have better control of the situation. I also advise never get a loan from the CASH store unless you have no other alternative. It's not worth it.

In the long run you will be out of so much money in interest. You will feel like you are going down in a sinking ship.


You're an ***. You agree to pay with a check when you get the loan, and all checks take 1-5 business days to clear.

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